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Rożnowice 38 , 64-610 Rogoźno

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Tourist attractions

Herbal baths
under the open sky in a wooden bathtub

Each of us likes to relax from time to time, a great idea for relieving stress and a bit of rest and pleasure can be herbal baths, which in addition to relaxing properties also have health properties. They moisturize, regenerate and improve blood circulation in the skin.

Additional aromatherapy with natural oils gives beneficial results in herbal baths.

A session in the Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna has many advantages.

Thanks to the influence of heat on the body, it triggers processes inside the body that start with the increase in internal body temperature. The increase in body temperature accelerates blood circulation, thanks to which the organs work better, blood is supplied to the limbs, and the heart speeds up. For this reason, treatments in the Finnish sauna are indicated in the case of peripheral circulation disorders and anemia.

Also people suffering from asthma or experiencing rheumatic pains, muscle pains and struggling with drops in blood pressure will appreciate the beneficial effect of the Finnish sauna on the respiratory system, cardiovascular system and pain relief.

Campfire parties

We have prepared a place for a bonfire with a large grate at our guests' disposal.

Large banquet tables under a roof.

We provide professional service. Excellent products from our butcher will be perfect for a feast. Unforgettable taste like in the old days.

Vegetarians and vegans will try delicious dishes.

And it's all wood-fired.

A feast by the river itself will surely remain in your memory for a long time.

Bicycle tours

The new base of 15 trekking bikes allows you to rent for a short or long term.

We will gladly show you the beautiful bicycle routes in the Noteć Forest.

Only riding a bike makes you realize that this is not an ordinary forest but a vast wilderness. The Noteć Forest is one of the largest uniform forests in Poland. Pine trees predominate on the huge inland dunes, which is why driving along forest and field roads is diverse.

We organize a meeting with the forester in his forester's lodge, who will talk about the flora and fauna in this area.

Near the forester's lodge there is a Field Experimental Station of the Institute of Zoology of the University of Life Sciences in Poznań, where wolves and 12 Polish ponies are kept.



Yoga on the river

Yoga improves many aspects of human life. First of all, like any physical activity, yoga improves our efficiency, fitness, and especially positively affects the flexibility, flexibility of the body, and its strength.

Yoga is a kind of conscious relaxation combined with the practice of mindfulness - concerning the body, breathing, as well as thoughts and emotions. By focusing on your thoughts and feelings during a yoga session, you can distract yourself from everyday worries and problems and be "here and now" for a while.

Classes are conducted outdoors in the summer season, and in a spacious glass room by the river in winter.

Relax above the ground

Hammocks are associated with blissful relaxation and regeneration.

Among the trees, in a shaded place, where beautiful birds sing and nearby you can hear the flowing water.

On warm summer days, it is an ideal choice, but also in winter after a sauna session to complete the form of relaxation.

Reading a book and listening to music on headphones before a recovery nap is a good choice.

In addition, natural herbal infusions and you feel delicious.