Diploma for the second place in the competition for the best tourism facility in rural areas in Greater Poland.

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The beauty of the landscape right next to it



64-610 Rogoźno

Rożnowice 38

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Dry sauna and

a wooden tub

Riverside sites for camping and tents

Private canoe dock

The starry sky to the horizon

Nordic walking routes right next to the cottage

A bonefire right by the river

We will prepare homemade food for you

Wooden log house on the Wełna river

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Rożnowice 38 , 64-610 Rogoźno


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   1. For us, traveling has always been something more than just a temporary vacation.

It's about discovering new cultures, learning about local flavors, exploring nature on land and under water.



    2. With our love for relaxation, we have created a facility in which we would like to rest ourselves - we rest for a while because we live next door, but there is no time for boredom all year round.


3. We are fans of homely cuisine and local products. We charm our guests with home-made flavors and extraordinary drinks.


4.Coming back to resting - we cannot sit still,

nothing will do itself ... which is good!

A well-kept garden is our showcase. We can also find a way for a healthy spirit in a healthy body - we chose this land over 10 years ago to draw from NATURA2000 for a reason.

Bicycles, Nordic walking routes, kayaks, walks with the camera are definitely what we love.


5.We have been operating in the field of broadly understood tourist services since 2014 - we organize canoeing trips and other outdoor attractions, we provide comfortable accommodation with meals.

We fulfill our guests' dreams of a moment of relaxation and rest in the bosom of nature.

Everyone who visits us can count on warm and friendly service and all amenities. We also provide a wealth of attractions that you can take advantage of.

The greatest joy is given to us by the recognition of our guests who thank them for an amazing experience, atmosphere and delicious catering.