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64-610 Rogoźno

Rożnowice 38



Rożnowice 38 , 64-610 Rogoźno

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The cottage can comfortably accommodate 15 people, it is possible to add 3 extra beds

To facilitate the calculation, I am giving the price per person at full occupancy during the weekend (15 people)

Holidays and long weekends are excluded from the given price list.

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The price of renting a cottage includes heating, utilities, bed sheets and parking.

On site you will find amenities such as a library with books, TV, washing machine, hair dryer, oven, induction hob - if you have and prefer to take your pots with you.

Due to the fact that ecology is very important to us, we try to limit the use of electricity, please bring your own bath towels.


We kindly inform you that you cannot keep your own animals on the premises of Chata nad Wełną.

Why? There are two friendly dogs and three cats in the cottage.

When booking a hut, please remember to leave your pet at home.

Thank you for your understanding.



We leave food at the cottage to choose from.

You can use our meals or cook yourself.

We prepare meals from local products. We serve everything on platters.

Breakfast: As a standard, we serve scrambled eggs made of country eggs, 2 types of sausages, 2-3 types of cold meats and cheese, cottage cheese, homemade jam, fresh vegetables, butter, bread and rolls.

price 35 PLN per person

A two-course dinner served on platters with compote is to be arranged in advance.

price 55 PLN per person



There are many dishes that we can prepare for you. You are interested in?

There is a choice of dishes for vegetarians and vegans

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